Vicena & Chris : Maternity : Pasadena, CA

Vicena and Chris have already welcomed their beautiful baby girl Nahla into the world, but there’s too much sweetness in this session I had to share it. Here are some of my favorties….

20140924-vicena-chris-maternity-620140924-vicena-chris-maternity-320140924-vicena-chris-maternity-2120140924-vicena-chris-maternity-1920140924-vicena-chris-maternity-1320140924-vicena-chris-maternity-2720140924-vicena-chris-maternity-2420140924-vicena-chris-maternity-1820140924-vicena-chris-maternity-720140924-vicena-chris-maternity-220140924-vicena-chris-maternity-33None of us are sure about what’s going on in this photo HA!



Vicena Hart - Love how everything turned out. Thank you again Jess.January 15, 2015 – 6:37 am

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