Liz & Ryan : Wedding : Oak Canyon Nature Center, Anaheim, CA

Liz and Ryan’s wedding day was filled with nothing but love. This wedding was 100% DIY. Their family and friends helped out with everything! They helped decorate the ceremony and reception spaces with the cutest details, they prepared and served the yummy food, they even grew the flowers that were used throughout the wedding! Like it said people, love. Seeing Liz and Ryan’s friends and families come together to make sure every last detail was perfect for their special day was such a beautiful thing.

Here are a few of my favorites from Liz and Ryan’s wedding…

Thanks for having me along Candice <3!

liz & ryan-1liz & ryan-8liz & ryan-3liz & ryan-4liz & ryan-5liz & ryan-6liz & ryan-10liz & ryan-9liz & ryan-2liz & ryan-24liz & ryan-25liz & ryan-26liz & ryan-28liz & ryan-27liz & ryan-29liz & ryan-11liz & ryan-17liz & ryan-12liz & ryan-18liz & ryan-30liz & ryan-21liz & ryan-19liz & ryan-22

Look who caught the garter! Grandpa!!:)

liz & ryan-31


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