Lisa & Minh : Engagement : Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful Lisa and her sweet Minh. I had such a blast with these two during their session. We talked, we laughed, we grubbed on yummy Mediterranean food, and we laughed some more. Most importantly, they let go, put their guard down, and let me capture their love. And for that, I am grateful.

I’m beyond excited to photograph their wedding next month!! Here are a few of my favorites from their session…

20140309-lisa-minh-engagement-220140309-lisa-minh-engagement-720140309-lisa-minh-engagement-920140309-lisa-minh-engagement-120140309-lisa-minh-engagement-4Lisa’s laugh is infectious <320140309-lisa-minh-engagement-620140309-lisa-minh-engagement-820140309-lisa-minh-engagement-520140309-lisa-minh-engagement-1920140309-lisa-minh-engagement-1520140309-lisa-minh-engagement-1820140309-lisa-minh-engagement-14

20140309-lisa-minh-engagement-1120140309-lisa-minh-engagement-2320140309-lisa-minh-engagement-2420140309-lisa-minh-engagement-26They make breaking the rules look so good!20140309-lisa-minh-engagement-2820140309-lisa-minh-engagement-27

nicolelennox - Beautiful work Jess! They look like a really fun couple.April 9, 2014 – 3:03 am

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