It’s Here!!!

I noticed it on my way to work this morning as I put a cardigan on. It was chilly outside! This can only mean one thing! My favorite time of year is approaching!! I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress it enough! I love this time of year. There’s just something about the upcoming months that’s magical.

October, November, December, & January, I missed you!!

Here’s some of the many reasons I love Autumn (winter deserves its own blog post!) :

  • saying peace to the summer heat
  • our very 1st wedding anniversary!!
  • extra blankets on the bed
  • scarves
  • soy vanilla chai lattes
  • Halloween costumes
  • rainy days
  • watching Hocus Pocus. don’t say you don’t!
  • picking the perfect pumpkin
  • the colors
  • all the chocolate goodness of Halloween candy
  • the extra cuddling
  • cooking over-elaborate meals watching my mom and sister cook over-elaborate meals
  • hot chocolate
  • traveling to WA to visit family
  • Thanksgiving
  • wearing cozy socks
  • stepping on crunchy leaves
  • no shave November. Kidding! *kinda*
  • homemade apple cider
  • ordering a new custom-made ornament for our Christmas tree *it’s a tradition*
  • and Christmas decorations arriving in the stores. Obvi!


And since posts are better with a photo, here’s one from Carlee’s lifestyle session last year.

Happy Friday Loves! <3



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