Erik : Senior : Glendora, CA

I have to admit, prior to Erik’s session I was feeling a bit out of my comfort zone. This was my very first solo male portrait session. Sure, I’ve photographed plenty of guys, but never a solo session. When I saw Erik walking towards me holding an acoustic bass guitar, a mandolin, and a longboard, those feelings quickly vanished. I couldn’t wait to start shooting!

I had so much fun during this session and I’m looking forward to photographing more males in the future.

Erik is graduating later this month and I have no doubt he will accomplish anything he puts his mind to. He’s insanely gifted and I felt honored to photograph such an exciting time in his life.:)

Here are some of my favorites…


Crystal Nicole - Girly I love these! This photo session has such a chill vibe… it totally seems like you captured his personality perfectly. FAB =)May 11, 2012 – 4:33 pm

gina - Awesome workMay 17, 2012 – 9:51 pm

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