Alisa & Mario : Engaged : Santa Monica, CA

Earlier this year Alisa reached out to me to shoot her wedding. I was honored that she wanted me to document one of the biggest days in her life! Here’s the part that makes my heart hurt—> Alisa and Mario are getting married 2 days before me!!! As much as I wanted to say YES, (and believe me, I thought about it) I couldn’t do that to her or me! I can’t even imagine what the added stress of shooting a wedding 2 days before my own would do to my full head of hair! Truth is, Alisa and Mario (and every other couple) deserve my 100%  no matter what, and I knew there was a big chance I wouldn’t be able to deliver. The good news? They found a photographer not getting married days after them AND I got to shoot their engagement session! Win-win!

Alisa and Mario, I’m sooooo excited for you guys! Can’t wait to swap wedding stories come November ;)


The way Mario looks at Alisa—> ADORABLE <3


Erin - Wow, Jess. These are really good. You are very talented and have such an artful eye. Proud ESM.July 14, 2012 – 8:54 am

Alisa - We love all of them Jessica!! Ty so so so much!! You are awesome!! Love ya : ) can’t wait for our day to arrive girl!!July 17, 2012 – 12:19 pm

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